Ryo Takashima is one of Japan's leading fashion influencers.

Trigger for someone" = "Trigger for someone

We want our products to trigger new encounters and change for someone.
RYO TAKASHIMA was started in 2018 by a group of members who resonated with his vision.

His worldview, sense of style, and quality-conscious products quickly became a hot topic on the internet and have grown into a brand that inevitably sells out every season.

From the 2023SS collection, RYO TAKASHIMA will enter a new phase as RYO TAKASHIMA BY CREATIVE TEAM, with its sights set on the world.

Our production backgrounds are still focused on Japanese production, patterns are made through the toile fitting process, and high quality materials are selected from Japan and the rest of the world.

Please look forward to the future of RYO TAKASHIMA, which continues to evolve so that our clothes, made without compromise in every process, can become "someone's trigger".