RYO TAKASHIMA is a creator brand representing Japan that started in 2018.
23SS presents a collection led by CREATIVE TEAM.
We specialize in high-quality products that focus on materials, patterns, and products made in Japan.

The product we are introducing this time is the most popular standard pants since RYO TAKASHIMA started.
We have brushed it up several times while keeping our commitment to materials, but this time we have slightly updated the silhouette and details.
The hips and thighs are shaped more, and it seems that it can be firmly applied to the slightly slim styling that is trending in the future.

In this season when tops tend to be simple, at least you want to be particular about pants without cutting corners.
Let me introduce the charm and the secret of popularity today.

There are two types of materials, "denim" and "synthetic leather".

First of all, from the introduction of denim. The 13 oz denim from Okayama is a little heavier than the TWIST CUT DENIM introduced previously. The crisp texture is also one of the commitments as much as the hammering is solid.

The yarn is made by disassembling and analyzing used denim from the 1950s.
Because it is dyed using pure indigo that has not been mixed with it, one of the attractions is the clean and beautiful vertical fall.

The production process is all done in Japan, and the final process is mercerized to prevent the surface of the yarn from becoming fuzzy. increase.

The leather material is not just fake leather either.
Synthetic leather material is used, which is extremely close to real leather and features an elegant luster and moderate swelling.
The jersey material is the base material, so it has excellent stretchability, and the wet coating is applied, so it can be washed with water.

The reason for its popularity is of course the carefully selected silhouette.
While based on the standard shape, the new item has a slightly adjusted overall silhouette to give it a sharp flared silhouette.
It spreads beautifully over the hem, and the width of the hem adds volume to create a versatile mode silhouette that goes well with any top.

If you make a mistake with the flared silhouette, it tends to become just wide pants.
Just by pintucking it, the overall silhouette and impression will be crisp and toned, creating a fashionable atmosphere.

Details such as flaps are also resized. By updating it to a minimalistic style, the back style will not be overlooked, and the style of wearing a T-shirt in the summer will be perfect.

Denim and leather are still very popular materials.

Because the material tends to be casual, this item is made with attention to detail and silhouette.
RYO TAKASHIMA's classic, please pick it up and try it.


Waist:79.0cm Hips:90.5cm Rise:28.5cm Inseam:74.0cm

Waist:82.0cm Hips:94.0cm Rise:29.5cm Inseam:75.5cm

Waist:85.0cm Hips:97.5cm Rise:30.5cm Inseam:77.0cm